Affiliate Program

You might be in competition with dozens of other gyms, spas and yoga studios; all offering similar services. Now, you can set yourself apart by offering professional coaching to your clients.

Coaching compliments the services you already provide.


How your clients will benefit from the coaching experience:

  • Coaching uses an individual’s own wisdom and knowledge to solve problems.
  • Coaching creates shifts in perception that result in lasting change.
  • Coaching uncovers options and opportunities.
  • Coaching provides support and accountability to reach goals.

While our direct client enrollment efforts focus on individuals seeking wellness and behavioral change, our coaching covers a broad-spectrum. We’ve helped people with everything from career transitions to powering through difficult life events.

How you benefit from our Affiliate Program

For every client you refer to us, you will receive a 10% commission (based on current fees) upon their full enrollment in a one-on-one coaching engagement. You may choose to put up a flyer, mention us in a newsletter or you might go all out and cross-market our services. Your shared prosperity is limited only by your efforts. So, join our Affiliate Program today. We look forward to our partnership!

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