Heart-focused Leadership

If you’re a leader in a technology company, you may feel every decision you make must be rationalized through metrics, performance goals and contributor productivity. You don’t have time to connect with your team; they just need to do what you tell them, right? How’s that working for you?

Technology can feel devoid of feelings and emotions but ultimately, technology is built and maintained by humans…who have hearts.

Leadership begins with Love. Love is the greatest leadership principle on the planet. — Jon Gordon, The Power of Positive Leadership

New managers sometimes let their ego or need to control outcomes negatively impact their ability to effectively listen to and connect with their team. Their own lack of resilience and ability to regulate their habitual responses sabotages their desire to reach personal and team goals. Leadership coaching that integrates the HeartMath techniques will improve your ability to connect with those you are trying to manage or lead. You will build and sustain your ability to counter challenges, stress and adversity by using your heart intelligence.

Through heart-focused leadership coaching, you’ll build your own resilience, learn to be vulnerable and authentic and be better able to communicate and connect with your team. We’ll explore eight aspects of a heart-focused leader:

  • creative
  • authentic
  • vulnerable
  • resilient
  • intuitive
  • empathetic
  • trusting
  • transparent

Recent media coverage has shown that technical resources are now more valuable to a company than financial assets. Today, the most common reason for someone to leave their job is because of their manager. Do you want to be the cause for such a high loss?