Individual (One-on-one) Coaching

Road Trip $1200
Life Acceleration Evaluation and 12 weekly coaching sessions*

This package is for the individual that wants to get back in the driver’s seat, take control of the wheel and drive their life further and faster than they ever imagined possible. It includes our Life Acceleration Evaluation and 12 coaching sessions. You’re worth it!

Sunday Drive $395
4 coaching sessions*

Four session program to help you build and sustain your ability to counter challenges, stress and adversity by using your heart intelligence. This program introduces you to HeartMath® tools and techniques through the HeartMath Building Personal Resilience Coaching Program. (Sessions don’t have to take place on Sunday)

Life Acceleration Evaluation $150
1-1/2 hour consultation* to complete the first step of our Life Acceleration™ System

Planning for Your Road Trip. You will:
Explore where you’re starting and where you want your life to go.
Learn what’s “driving” you and what gives your life purpose.
Create your packing list by taking stock of your values. What must you take with you and leave behind?

Tune-up $125
Single coaching session*

One session is ideal for anyone that needs insight and direction on a specific issue. If you’re just “stuck” and need some clarity, this is for you.

*If conducted by phone, Zoom, etc. Client is responsible for their own communication costs.

Group Coaching

Rally Team ($200/person/month)
Receive professional coaching while enjoying the energy and support of like-minded “drivers” in a small group. It’s designed for anyone that wants to drive their life further and faster than they ever imagined possible.

Become a Rally Team Captain and receive free coaching! Recruit 5 or more of your friends, followers or co-workers to create a Rally Team coaching group and your monthly coaching fee is waived.

Groups are 6 to 8 people.

A deposit of the first month’s fee and a completed coaching agreement will reserve your seat in a group. Your trip starts once a group reaches 6 participants.

Weekly, 1-hour group sessions will be held using  Zoom, conference call or other similar method decided upon by the group. Participants are responsible for their own communication costs.

Team or Corporate Consulting or Coaching

$1500 for an 8-hour day

All rates are in USD and are subject to change.

Test Drive

Not sure if the coaching experience is for you?

A no-cost sample session allows you to learn more about the benefits of having a personal coach and what can and should not be expected. You also get to experience an abbreviated coaching session. In total, this takes about 30 minutes.

If you’re not sold on the coaching experience yet, how about a test drive? Reserve your spot today by dropping me an email at