HeartMath Stress and Resilience Coaching

Have you ever done or said something and later wish you hadn’t? Have you ever been so stressed or burned out that you feel like your battery has been drained? We all have. Well, then HeartMath coaching is for you!

HeartMath teaches you to use your heart’s intelligence to regulate your response to stress and build resilience to cope with adversity. HeartMath techniques will improve your connection with others: your spouse, kids, friends and co-workers. Your ability to use your intuition and deepen heart connections with others improves your communication allowing you to prevent many stressful situations from occurring in the first place.

At the end of four weeks, you’ll have been exposed to a number of HeartMath’s techniques that will build and sustain your ability to counter challenges, stress and adversity through the Building Personal Resilience program.

During the first four sessions of a goal driven agenda that you set, you will:

  • Learn about factors that impact your energy and create stress
  • Be introduced to the HeartMath concept of Coherence
  • Learn strategies for building and sustaining resilience
  • Become more effective in making decisions and communicating in challenging times

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