Have You Stalled Out?


You’ve just been through one of the hardest things you’ve ever had to do in your life. You made the decision to finally lose weight. You gave it your all. You counted every calorie, regularly hit the gym and watched your weight and waist size go down. You reached your goal and celebrated the accomplishment. So, why do you still feel like a fat person in a new, fit body?

Losing weight is tough but making that transition from weight loss to maintenance can be just as challenging. Maybe you’re still worrying about every bite you put in your mouth? What if you slip up and it all comes back? Are you feeling guilty about that second beer that you just let your buddy goad you into? Your weight loss has been the focus of your life for so long, now how do you lead a “normal” life filled with new goals and challenges?

Where weight loss results in changes in your body, a successful transition to maintenance requires a complete change of your mindset. You have to leave the old you behind (ditch the fat-suit) and start living the new life you’ve created for yourself. This takes a lot of confidence and self-esteem—two things that may have been depleted by having lived the life of an overweight person.

The best tool available is a strong support system. Friends, family, trainers and coaches can all help. If you don’t have someone you trust that you can talk to as you make this transition, then find someone now. Here, on the Motoring Forward Life Acceleration site, you’ll find ideas and bits of motivation to get you out of the mud and get your life motoring forward. You have control of the wheel. Now just step on the accelerator!

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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