Personal Trainer for Your Life


In a prior post, I talked about how some guys get trapped in a fat-suit mentality. Even after having lost weight and getting in shape, you can still “feel fat.” To be really successful maintaining the new, fit you, you’ll need to modify some perceptions and activate changes that will increase your confidence and overall well-being. Some guys can do this on their own with the support of friends or family. Others want objectivity, structure and accountability—so they hire a coach.

Think of a coach as a personal trainer for your life; they help you flex some new mental muscles and motivate you when you need it. People that work with a personal trainer want to get more out of their time at the gym and see real results. Investing in a coach gets you similar progress in building your confidence and self-esteem.

Coaching isn’t therapy nor is a coach there to solve your problems. Instead, a coach builds a partnership with you to help you grow and use your inherent abilities to reach your full potential. A coach listens, asks questions, opens possibilities and holds you accountable. A coach is a navigator that helps you along the course you’ve charted for your life.

Some common topics of coaching sessions include:

  • Confidence to end the fear of gaining weight back
  • Increased self-esteem allowing you to take (or stop fishing for) compliments
  • Accepting, enjoying and getting the most out of your new healthy body
  • No longer feeling awkward at the gym
  • Broadening your focus to move forward in all aspects of your life
  • Leaving the “old you” behind

These are just some examples. There are a bunch of roads ahead of you just waiting to be explored! Now, everyone comes to the coaching experience with their own needs and goals. You can expect:

  • Clearer vision of where you want your life to go
  • Exposure to different directions or ways to get there
  • Help getting out of ruts
  • Forward motion and progress towards your destination

The coaching experience isn’t right for everyone. Frankly, some people just aren’t “coachable.” Those that seek out ways to improve themselves and want to really get their life moving forward are the best candidates. If you’re interested in seeing if you’re “coachable,” send me an email. You might be surprised by where you’ll go and how fast you’ll get there!

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