It’s not for Looks, It’s for Life


The title of this post sounds like the tagline for today’s hottest weight loss program. (If it actually is, I apologize and no endorsement is intended.)

When talking to folks about the greatest challenges they faced after they lost weight, one man said it was coming to the realization that he actually wanted to be fit and healthy, not just x pounds lighter on the scale. His initial motivation for losing weight was to simply look better. Once that was accomplished and he felt better about himself, he wanted to take this a step further. He wanted to be fit in ALL ways.

I’ve been through the process. I understand that weight loss is all consuming (pun not intended) and becomes an integral part of who we are. Once you reach your goal, however, there can actually be a mental vacuum that must be filled. Expanding your life and moving forward in other aspects is important and that’s what this site is all about. In making the transition to maintenance, many feel like they’re always one bite of cake away from being the overweight person they once were. They get stuck in this constant state of dread and panic and find themselves stalled even though they’ve met their goal. By making the mental shift to actually being a fit and healthy individual, you develop the sense of personal trust and confidence needed to thrive.

Once you’ve reached your goal, think about what’s next. What’s your continuing motivation for eating right and taking care of yourself? You may have drop the pounds to look better for a wedding or that vacation on the beach. What can you envision that will act as a strong motivator to maintain the weight loss?

Think about how you feel now. What can you do now that you’ve lost weight that you couldn’t do before? What are some new goals you have to get the most out of that new body? Really stretch yourself and it doesn’t need to be purely physical. Maybe you’ve always wanted to move up in the corporate world but felt your weight may have been holding you back. Picture that corner office and go for it! Sometimes doing things for others can be motivating. If you’re a parent, being around for your kids and being able to participate fully in their lives is a great example. Next time you feel like downing an entire pizza, ask yourself if that will get you any closer to their wedding day.

It’s all about your vision and the choices and commitment you make to get there. Right now, make a list of all the reasons you deserve to be healthy and post that on your ‘fridge or mirror. Better yet, share the list with a friend or two to help you stick to the commitment and hold you accountable.

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