Broadening Your Horizons


Our lives revolve around five basic areas: career, relationships, financial issues, physical health, and community participation. When someone enters a coaching partnership with me, they typically have one specific area on which they want to focus. As we work together and my client starts to move forward in one area, they start to realize their own strengths and progress in the other areas too. This leads to an overall increase in their sense of well-being.

I do occasionally have clients that come to me for the specific reason of NOT being able to move forward in other areas of their life. These individuals have put so much time into successfully improving one part of their life that they have lost sight of what’s going on in other areas. They’re stuck and they need some clarity on broadening their focus to move forward in all aspects of their life.

Maybe you’ve been pulling yourself out of debt by working double-shifts and have been eating poorly. Or you’re the parent so consumed by raising their child that you haven’t talked to your spouse or partner in days. One of the most common scenarios is when someone has a health issue; trying to reach a comfortable weight for example. All of their energy goes towards monitoring their diet and getting plenty of exercise. This intense focus can last weeks or even months. When they reach their goal, they may realize that they let some relationships slip. All of these individuals find themselves in a position where they need to change directions and they need some support in turning from their well travelled road onto an unmarked one.

So, how can you make that turn yourself? You first need to realize why the new direction is important to you. Envision your life with the added clarity and all it will provide you. Next, make the commitment to change. Knowing something is lagging isn’t the same as making the commitment to move forward. Finally, get moving! Find at least one action you can take today to start making progress and get it done. In short, get in the driver’s seat, take control of the wheel and step on the gas!

Sometimes people have a hard time finding the accelerator. One tactic that seems to be helpful is pushing yourself to try something new. Start doing things that the “old you” would never have thought possible and you get bonus points if there’s a little bit of a risk. Have you always wanted to zip-line but couldn’t because of your weight? Get out there and do it now; and take a friend. Want to make new friends? Join a social group. Want to be more involved with the kids? Volunteer at their school.

“But I don’t have the time.” Yes, you do. Remember that you always have choices. I have yet to work with someone that, once they got creative and looked at their options, couldn’t find the time to do something for themselves. You’ve already proven your strength and ability to progress in one area so what’s stopping you now?

You’re complex and there’s a lot that adds up to make the complete you. Be authentic, real and completely fulfilled by developing your uniqueness. The world needs the best version of you that you can offer!

Photo credit: MYANIC / / CC BY-NC-ND

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  1. This post has really motivated me. I am going to share it with my readers real soon. Thank you for the encouragement and motivation.

  2. Thank you for the kind words and for sharing!

  3. This is an excellent article. It is inspiring as well as right on. Change is never easy and more than one step is needed as you clearly write about.

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