Lack of Commitment


I work with some really driven people. They have thriving businesses, they are successful in many areas of their life and will often tell you how committed they are to their customers, innovation, their employees, etc. Why then is it so difficult to show this same level of commitment to themselves when it comes to their own health?

For a number of my clients, there is usually a diminished sense of confidence. Even when they say they are committed to doing something for themselves, the idea of failure in that task paralyzes them. They’d rather not try than try and fail. These are the clients that often reply back that they are “lazy” or “just forgot” when we explore their level of commitment. But confidence is definitely not an issue for my group of driven clients. It’s their confidence that has gotten them to where they are today. They are competent and ready to move forward. Why are they stuck?

I think a picture is starting to form for me. There’s a very fine distinction between being confident and having a high level of self-worth. You can know that you’re good at something and can make things happen but not believe you are worthy of the outcome. Many successful business owners might say they work so hard because of their employees or their customers or their family. How many will say they have attained their success because they deserve it?

Getting fit and healthy requires time. I think some of my driven clients have developed a sense of guilt in taking any time for themselves because they have a deep commitment to make things happen for others. However, if their health should fail, they can’t live up to those commitments. Not to mention they’ve robbed themselves of the healthy lifestyle they do deserve. Pointing out the disparity of their attention and the potential risk of not caring for themselves sometimes has enough of a logical impact to move them towards action.

For a more lasting change, it takes affirmation of worth and frequent positive reinforcement. It took a number of sessions with one client using various coaching techniques before I heard them say “You know what? I get it now! I really do want and deserve to be healthy! What have I been doing to myself all these years?!” After this realization and shift in perception, they really were ready to stick to the commitments they made for their own health.

What’s holding you back from getting fit and healthy? Is it a fear of failure or the belief that you don’t (yet) deserve it?

Photo credit: KellyB. / / CC BY

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