So, tell me the truth…


Each week in my coaching groups, I offer up a theme for self-exploration. These Road Trips provide a few short exercises to be carried out through the week and help people focus on different aspects of their thoughts and perceptions. This week, we’re talking about Truth. (I also place a copy of the exercise on my Facebook page.)

There are sketchy characters out there but I believe the vast majority of people are generally truthful and trustworthy. These same people are often very good about not being truthful to themselves however. Whether it’s listening to the self-defeating voice that wants you to feel shame or succumbing to fear, (false evidence appearing real) we create a lot of untruths about ourselves and allow them to drive our lives.

So how do you know when you’re lying to yourself? If it’s a “big one” you’ll likely be struck with a thought of “What am I doing? This isn’t me!” Those are easy to catch. The subtle lies are more difficult because you’ve probably been living with them for years. The simplest way to recognize these lies is by how your thoughts or actions make you feel. It’s absolutely impossible to lie to yourself and feel good about it. When you’re being true to yourself and genuine, you’re in your zone and you feel confident and content. When you feel fear, self loathing, sadness, anger, frustration or anxiety, it’s time to reflect and discover what lies you’re telling yourself. Then, tell yourself the truth.

This week, be aware of times when you’re not being yourself to please someone else. Strive to be more genuine. How close is your life to the one you know you were meant to live? How can you start heading in the right direction?

Photo credit: markheybo / Foter / CC BY

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