How often do you tell yourself what to believe?


The answer to the title question is “all the time.” In fact, just about every second of your waking (and some would argue sleeping) life. Every thought you have and every word you utter reinforces your beliefs. Unfortunately, people don’t use this power for good often enough.

Let’s rephrase the question: How often do you tell yourself to believe good things about yourself and the world around you? When you have a success, do you think (or even say out loud) “dang, I rock!” or do you think “Not bad, but I really could have done that better.” Do you have any phrases you say regularly to keep focused on a goal or to set your attitude? Some call these affirmations or mantras (or MAN-tras for the gentlemen as coined by fellow coach KishaLynn Elliott.) I’ve modified and adopted one popular saying as my own. I changed “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.” to “Always know that something wonderful is happening.” I find the subtle difference more solid and assuring that great things are happening now and always as opposed to some time in the future. What we say out loud and what we think about ourself sculpts our beliefs to match.

Take a second and recall some of the thoughts that were running through your mind earlier today. Were they helpful in creating positive beliefs about yourself and your future? How could you change them to support your goals and how you want your life to evolve? Next, come up with your own quote, phrase or word that describes how you want to live your life or where you want it to go. Write it down, post it on your mirror, put it in your wallet or purse and make it your desktop image. Focus on that positive thought for a week and see how things change for you.

You have control of your thoughts so you can program your own beliefs. Make them work for you, not against you, and reach your destinations faster!

Photo credit: Lauren Lionheart / Foter / CC BY

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