Surrendering (but not giving up)

Road Trip! The destination for this week is “Surrendering.” For many, the word isn’t in their vocabulary because they think it means “giving up.” However, sometimes “going with the flow” is the smartest option.

Once this week, let go when you feel you need to be in control. How did that decision change the circumstances?

If you sense yourself holding someone to your own standards, take a few seconds and note what makes that person truly valuable and unique. Let go of the need to have them be what you want.

When a situation arises that is simply too big for you to handle alone, invite someone to be part of the solution. Let go of the thought that you always have to “go it alone.”

Let us know in the comments where you’ve gone and what you’ve discovered about yourself.

Pleasure (it’s not frivolous)


Road Trip! The destination for this week is “Pleasure.” Not selfish or frivolous; instead, pleasure fuels your life.

What things that you enjoy have you been putting off because of everything you else have to do?

How has your attitude towards having a pleasant life changed over the years?

This week, create joyful experiences for yourself.

Let us know in the comments where you’ve gone and what you’ve discovered about yourself.



Road Trip! The destination for this week is “Acceptance.” Not everything in life has to be a battle.

If something unpleasant happens this week, accept it as part of your life experience. Learn from it but move on and don’t dwell.

Have you been holding others to unreasonably “high standards?” Try accepting others for who they are.

How accepting are you of yourself? Strive to be your best but love yourself for who you are in the moment.

Let us know in the comments where you’ve gone and what you’ve discovered about yourself.

Go with the Flow and See Where Life Takes You


Take control, take action, grab the bull by the horns, take charge of your destiny…. all really common phrases. We’re taught from the time we’re children that we need to constantly be working towards something and striving to build our future. But what if the actions you’re currently taking are actually setting you back? Sometimes it’s helpful to just quit swimming upstream, relax and see where the current of your like takes you.

One coaching client was at odds with herself. She loved her work and her colleagues and clients and was doing a great job, but she felt she should be “climbing the ladder” and “making a name for herself.” She left her position for a better titled job in a new industry. (I’ve written about decisions involving should versus want so you might already know where this is going.)

Several weeks later, she realized she hadn’t made the best choice for herself. She was miserable and sorely missed her prior position. She came to me for coaching and she reached a point where she was ready to put her pride aside and ask for what she really wanted—her old position. She was welcomed back with open arms. Additionally, she was promoted. She had been recognized for her devotion to clients and her ability to be a team player. In fact, they were about to offer her the new position right before she had left. She had really been working towards “making a name for herself” all along but just hadn’t realized it. If she had just “gone with the flow” a bit longer, her original desire to create a better position for herself would have come to fruition without the added trauma.

I’m not saying complete inactivity is the way to go through life but sometimes just sitting back and seeing where life leads you can get you to the same place with much less stress. If you’re happy, comfortable and in a place you want to be, don’t allow the feelings that you “should” be taking more action make you change your course. Your efforts may be working in your favor, they just need some time to be realized.

Photo credit: musubk / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA