Road Trip! The destination for this week is “Freedom.” You have the freedom to create your ideal life. What’s stopping you from making your dreams take flight?

What locked doors have you placed in your way to having a fulfilled life? What’s the key to opening them?

Take a few minutes to write down how you would describe yourself to someone. How true have you been to that ideal?

What would you change about your life knowing there’s no way you could fail?

Let us know in the comments where you’ve gone and what you’ve discovered about yourself.

Playfulness (regardless of age)

Road Trip! The destination for this week (fittingly so) is Playfulness. Being an “adult” doesn’t mean you should forget what it is like to be a child.

This week, thoroughly enjoy yourself and have fun.

Roll on the floor, horse around, make a lot of noise and laugh.

If you have a house full of kids during the holiday, join in their games. Maybe even start one of your own.

Have a Happy Holiday!